Wednesday, June 13, 2012

See first hand the interface between Edgecam and NCSIMUL

Here is a video of the Interface between Edgecam and NCSIMUL

With the Edgecam > NCSIMUL interface you can now test your Edgecam NC programs just in a few clicks. You can run NCSIMUL directly within the Edgecam environment. All your data will be transferred in a few clicks and positioned instantly on the machine.

The following will be transferred :
• NC Program
• NC Program Origins
• Milling and Turning Tool parameters
• CAD file of Rough Stock, Clamps and Reference Part in the Machine orientation

For more details click here

NCSIMUL will aid any company in its very complex machining simulation to optimize the code and reduce costs in manufacturing operations.

For more details on NCSIMUL go to:

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