Monday, June 30, 2014

SPRING Technologies announces the new version of its cutting tools management solution : NCSIMUL Tool 2.5

Integrating the ISO13399 standard, NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 fits seamlessly into your global machining process from CAM through G-Code simulation to CNC Machine

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that maximize the productivity of CNC machine tools, announces version 2.5 of NCSIMUL Tool, its solution for the real-time management of cutting tool data and processes. With enriched user experience and performance, new integrated interfaces and support for the ISO13399 international standard, NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 embodies the SPRING Technologies philosophy, increasing security and productivity and getting the full value of your cutting tools. A new step forward on the path to SMART Industry!
"Our solution, NCSIMUL Tool, significantly shortens global machining cycle times", explains Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies. "Once again we are using our expertise to bring our users rock-solid certainty that their cutting tools are production-ready. NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 brings them solutions that are tailored to their needs."
NCSIMUL Tool in a nut shell :
  • Identifies the best available tool and optimal cutting conditions, taking into account machine, tool, and material characteristics and operator feedback
  • Manages, plans and prepares tool inventory in real time
  • Secures the best selection of physical tools via the library of existing tools
  • Virtual tools libraries directly accessible from main CAM systems thanks to NCSIMUL Tool/CAM interfaces
New features in NCSIMUL TOOL 2.5

Monday, June 16, 2014

SPRING Technologies is showing NCSIMUL Machine on mobile technology during PTC Live Global Event June 15 -18 2014

SPRING Technologies is showing NCSIMUL Machine on mobile technology during PTC Live Global Event June 15th through the 18th 2014 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

For direction to the place click here

Come see us at booth # 119.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

IMTS 2014: SPRING Technologies showcases WYSIWYC® − the mobile and synchronized NC simulation solution – for the first time in U.S.

The latest generation software features the shop floor appropriate Panasonic Toughpad equipped with NCSIMUL Player 9.2, the CNC simulation reviewer of NCSIMUL Machine


SPRING Technologies, developer of software solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their CNC machines, is exhibiting in booth E-3267 at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), from September 8 – 13, 2014.
SPRING’s exhibit will highlight the latest features, benefits, and applications of company’s flagship simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL Player 9.2. Specifically, with the growing adoption of remote and mobile software accessibility, SPRING will demonstrate its recently introduced mobile system called WYSIWYC® (What You See Is What You Cut). 
NCSIMUL Player 9.2 will be embedded on a fully rugged, mobile Panasonic Toughpad IP65 and shown how it is connected to machine tool controllers such as Fanuc CNCs.
With this capability, shop floor operators and managers are able to interact remotely – in 3D and in real time using intuitive touch controls – with one or several CNC machines and their machining processes, as they execute the CNC program on the machine. 3D animations of CNC machining processes, as well as related work instruction sheets are directly accessible from the mobile application.
“What WYSIWYC means to manufacturers is that we at SPRING Technologies are changing the way operators interact with CNC machines and rethinking the way procedures are accomplished on the shop floor,” explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director for SPRING Technologies. “We’re offering a unique user experience, which is very attractive to Generations Y and Z, with true shop floor-dedicated mobility with the ultra-rugged Toughpad tablet PC. It’s fun, it uses touch technology, and everything is digitized, including worksheets. It’s also a very effective methodology for conducting training modules without an additional large investment.”
According to Mr. Solignac, customers are achieving at least 25% higher productivity using the combined three technologies comprising WYSIWYC. He credits that because so much information about the program and process is immediately available that there are fewer errors, better decision making, smoother changeover between shifts, and easier multi-machine supervision.
Software: NCSIMUL Machine and NCSIMUL 9.2 Player – requires Windows 7 or 8
·         Realistic preview of the process and real time 3D simulation of machines and machining showing what is really cut and operations currently in progress.
·         Can extend to DNC machine status monitoring, ERP, MRP, MTConnect
·         100% Touch – smartphone type with NCSIMUL HUB apps / Multi-machine selection
·         Instruction / Worksheets – NCdoc module
Hardware:  CNC Control, such as Fanuc, and Panasonic Toughpad Tablet PC IP65 standard, 10” format for readability, Intel Core 15 for 3D computing power.
To see how the system functions and the benefits that can be realized, visit IMTS 2014, booth E-3267.