Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SPRING Technologies will attend the Computer Aided Manufacturing Open day at the University Politehnica of Bucharest

SPRING Technologies will attend the Computer Aided Manufacturing Open day at the University Politehnica of Bucharest on November 19th 2012.

This event will focus on latest performances in the field of CAD‐CAM, Machines and
Cutting Tools. Another idea is to create links between complementary fields (education,
CAD‐CAM software, Machine tools and machining center, cutting tools etc ) in order to
help customers to increase the quality of their products.

The event will include the following presentations:
 Computer aided design
 Computer aided manufacturing
 NC – simulation
 Machines and advanced systems of manufacturing
 Cutting tools & cutting parameters
 Raw materials
 Quality control
 High productivity machining ‐ cutting demo
 Round table and conclusions – MSP department

The event will take place in the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of
Engineering and Management of the Technological Systems (IMST) amphitheater CD008

For more details on the event click here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SPRING Technologies will showcase NCSIMUL at JIMTOF 2012

SPRING Technologies will showcase NCSIMUL solutions at JIMTOF 2012, in Tokyo Japan.

Location: Tokyo International Exhibition Center

Booth: E5006

Date: Nov 1st through 6th 2012

JIMTOF is the 26th Japan International Machine Tool Fair. The purpose of JIMTOF is to contribute to the development of industry and trade promotion through increased inter-national transactions and technical exchanges o machine tools and their related equipment.

It would be wonderful if you can stop by the SPRING booth, we always look forward to speaking to great individuals.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collaboration Extends Machine Simulation for GibbsCAM Users with NCSIMUL

SPRING Technologies Releases GibbsCAM Plug-in for Direct Access to NCSIMUL

MOORPARK, CA – October 16, 2012 – Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM® software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron (NASDAQ: CIMT) company, and SPRING Technologies,  developer of NCSIMUL, a major standard for NC program simulation and feed rate optimization, announced results of a collaborative effort with the release of the SPRING Technologies NCSIMUL Plug-in for GibbsCAM. The plug-in provides GibbsCAM users direct access to the NCSIMUL application, which assists programmers with NC program analysis and verification, and provides machine-tool simulation with error and gouge detection. After NC programs are corrected of errors and gouging, and fully verified, NCSIMUL provides options to optimize program parameters to improve toolpath cycle time and cutting tool efficiency. The NCSIMUL plug-in is supported by SPRING Technologies, and is immediately available, worldwide, from SPRING Technologies and its resellers.

While the standard GibbsCAM machine tool simulation works from the GibbsCAM program data before postprocessing, and uses machine-tool models created by the user, NCSIMUL uses the machine-ready, postprocessed NC program, (G-code/ISO code), enabling simulation and analysis one step closer to actual machining. It also provides an extensive library of kinematic models of lathes, turning centers, machining centers and multi-task machines, saving users the time required to create precise models of their own machine tools.

“We are pleased with our new association with SPRING Technologies, and the development of this plug-in for GibbsCAM,” said Robb Weinstein, Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategic Planning of Gibbs and Associates. “For many years, our approach to complementary technology that improves customer productivity has been adoption, not reinvention, so the integration of NCSIMUL with GibbsCAM is exciting, as it can help our customers improve cycle times, tool life and surface finish with analysis and optimization at the last step before machining.”
"With this integration, we hope to help GibbsCAM users achieve higher productivity through the toolpath analysis, verification, simulation and optimization NCSIMUL provides,” said Olivier Bellaton, General Manager of SPRING Technologies. “For them, the NCSIMUL Plug-in enables direct access to our machine-tool library, and all the functions designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the machining process.”

For the GibbsCAM user, the NCSIMUL plug-in is more powerful than as a stand-alone application for two reasons. First, for ease of use and user productivity, GibbsCAM is a fully integrated application that never requires the user to leave the GibbsCAM environment to complete programming operations. To maintain this integrity, the plug-in is accessed and activated from the GibbsCAM menu bar. Second, as a plug-in, NCSIMUL imports GibbsCAM solid models of part, stock, fixtures and other workholding devices, plus tooling parameters, to develop the 3D tools required for full and accurate simulation.

For more information about GibbsCAM go to: www.GibbsCAM.com
For more information about NCSIMUL go to: www.NCSIMUL.com

SPRING Technologies invites French and German users to CUST 2012

For the 4th year, the SPRING Technologies Users Club (CUST) plans to bring together 
some one hundred customers on November 9 and 20

SPRING Technologies, vendor of dedicated NC solutions to enhance shopfloor productivity, announces CUST 2012, the annual meeting of users of its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany on November 9, then in Paris, France on November 20 2012.
The agenda will include:
·        Strategy, partnerships with CAM vendors and NC machine-tool makers, a keynote address by Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies
·        Success stories presented by major groups and SMEs based on their experience of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio
·        A market review: state of play and trends
·        Demonstration of new features
·        “Process and solutions” workshops: an opportunity to share ideas and tips for getting full value from the SPRING solutions technologies.
“In the last 4 years we have created a strong user community: people who enjoy getting together once a year to share and exchange ideas and information, not only about how to use our products, but also about the processes they have deployed”, explains Gilles Battier.
“This year, we are making a strong statement in the international arena, and more particularly in Europe, by staging our first ever German edition of CUST. We are proud that each year we have had more and more people attending. We are expecting the 2012 edition to bring together a terrific cast of experts in manufacturing. This is because our customers work at the leading edge of French and German industries. The event is important for SPRING because one of our strengths is our ability to work closely with our customers.”

For more information on SPRING Technologies go to: www.SPRINGPLM.com

reThink Engineering will showcase NCSIMUL at AMTS

reThink Engineering (A SPRING Technologies Reseller) will showcase NCSIMUL at the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show from Oct 24th until the 25th.

Location: Dayton Expo Center (Vandalia, Ohio) - USA

Booth #310.

reThink Engineering is offering 10% off all software ordered between 10/24/2012 and 11/30/2012. You must get your badge scanned at AMTS in the booth #310 to be eligible.

For more details on reThink Engineering go to: http://www.rethinkeng.com/

For more details on NCSIMUL go to: http://www.NCSIMUL.com

For more details on AMTS go to: http://www.daytonamts.com/

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SPRING Technologies will exhibit at SIANE in Toulouse, France

SIANE connects companies and individuals across multiple industries.

Whether you are in the market for production equipment, manufacturing tools, manufacturing or even simulation software. SIANE is the right place for you.

SPRING Technologies will showcase its NCSIMUL Solutions to the public.

NCSIMUL is a comprehensive machine simulation software for simulatingverifyingoptimizing and reviewing machining programs meant for CNC machines. NCSIMUL aids in the reduction of costs and insures profitability around the manufacturing process. 

Date: Oct 23 - 25, 2012

Parc des Expositions de Toulouse
Michel Roundabout BĂ©nech 31030 Toulouse cedex 4 
Tel: 05 62 25 45 45 - Fax: 05 62 25 45 00 
info@toulousexpo.com - www.toulousexpo.com

C05 - C07, Hall 6

For more information about SIANE go to: http://www.salonsiane.com/

For more information about NCSIMUL Solutions go to: http://www.NCSIMUL.com

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CRAFT chooses NCSIMUL to support its machining simulation

Company Overview

CRAFT, a Japan-based company, has been operating its prototyping facility in Akita since 1993. It provides fast mold manufacturing with unique high-speed (40,000 rpm), high-precision steel cutting technology. The molds are in NAK80, P20, and even hardened steel rather than aluminum or composite materials, making them highly reliable dimensionally and cosmetically, and enabling both high-quality prototype and production moldings.


CRAFT’s Akita Factory introduced NCSIMUL in July 2008: “In 2008, we realized that we needed a simulation system as we were going to introduce 5-axis machining driven by CAM software”, says K-Sasaki.

“With 3-axis machining, it is easy to predict machine movement by tracing machine coordinates, but when you step up to 5-axis machining, this becomes much more complex. 5-axis machining multiplies the risk of collisions with the spindle or table that we could ignore before. This is why decided that a simulation tool was essential.” (K- Sasaki).

CRAFT bench-marked competing software and finally chose NCSIMUL, because of its wide and rich panel of functions, friendly user interface, not to forget its very affordable price. Good operability and manageability were also factors that swayed the final decision. “Of course, functionality is vital, but we also need a system that is easy to use and understand. So, we consulted the staff at our machining site, and they convinced us we were right to go for NCSIMUL.” (K- Sasaki)


Machining Engineer, S-Sasaki has this to say about 5-axis simulation with NCSIMUL :
“Initially, I was not convinced that we needed a simulation tool. I was afraid it might make our process more complicated. But, when I used NCSIMUL for the first time, I was surprised just how easy it was to use. I set it all up in just a few clicks.”

He goes on :
“the advantage of NCSIMUL is that it enables me to run virtual simulations of my machines. We can operate it with the same environment as the real machine tools.”

The superiority of NCSIMUL lies in the ability to prove all the details in programs, sub-programs and macro variables. In fact, NCSIMUL really is a virtual machine.

S-Sasaki also praised the user-friendly interface: “The 3D window, information window (display errors) and program window are all interconnected. So it is easy to see all the error points. We can edit the G code if any errors do occur, and also confirm it immediately. With its great operability, error detection capability and editing function for problem-solving, NCSIMUL is a favorite with all the engineers at our machining site.”

For more information on CRAFT go to: http://www.craft-corp.com

For more information on NCSIMUL go to: http://www.NCSIMUL.com 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paragon Medical adopts NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS to drive machining simulation process

Cost savings and ease of use prompt Paragon Medical to choose SPRING Technologies' machining simulation software.

To verify and optimize its machining operations, medical products supplier Paragon Medical, Inc., Pierceton, Ind., has selected NCSIMUL, the CNC machine simulation solution from SPRING Technologies, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Paragon Medical is a tier-1 turnkey manufacturer of cases and trays, surgical instrumentation, and implantable components. A leader in its industry, Paragon established its Global Design Center to enable the company to close the loop between development and manufacturing via project management, design, research, analytical testing and prototyping.

NCSIMUL, a component of SPRING Technologies' NC software offering of CAM software and services, is a comprehensive machine simulation software for simulating, verifying, optimizing and reviewing machining programs meant for CNC machines.

Dramatically saving setup time

Paragon NC Programmer Mark Erickson said the custom and limited-volume nature of the company's products effectively creates "a job shop environment where we're doing a lot of setups. The final decision for purchasing NCSIMUL came when we saw setup time savings of around 7 to 8 hours per set up because of the documentation that NCSIMUL can output. If the guys on the floor have been spending hours on a job and we can provide more information to do the setups faster, we're looking at a good return on the software investment."

Another of the software's benefits, Erickson said, is the ability to easily transfer NCSIMUL simulations among different machines. Paragon employs many types of 3 to 5-axis mills to machine complex parts and asked Spring Technologies to provide a simulator for its 9 axis machining center. "We use NCSIMUL to come up with simulations for our different types of machines," Erickson said, "It's proven pretty easy to create simulations for a new machine."

According to SPRING Technologies, NCSIMUL offers a variety of advantages compared to competitive systems. NCSIMUL generally takes about 2 days of training, attesting to the program's ease of use. Also significant, SPRING Technologies says, is the capability to demonstrate and share NCSIMUL simulations. Downloading NCSIMUL Player application from the SPRING Technologies web site enables customers and collaborators who don't necessarily have licenses for the software to receive and play back NCSIMUL files and employ functionalities such as measurement of surfaces and finding specific G-code lines.

Paragon's decision to purchase some seats of NCSIMUL followed an intensive 90-day evaluation that included comparison of an evaluation copy of the software with that from another NC simulation provider. The extended test with the evaluation copy, Erickson said, "was a key for getting the software into Paragon."