Monday, December 21, 2015

The Value of NCSIMUL Machine in Higher Education

    This past month, SPRING Technologies participated in a 2-day NCSIMUL training organized and performed by re-seller, Cognisco Technologies Inc. which was hosted by the Wentworth Institute of Technology where educators of various academic institutions explored the benefits NCSIMUL can offer for manufacturing programs in trades and Higher Education.

    Due to NCSIMUL Machine's ease-of-use, power, and myriad of features, attendees expressed the flexibility that this unique virtual machining environment offers in a classroom setting. These factors include: accessibility; NCSIMUL is Windows/PC compatible and can be downloaded directly on a student's PC. It only requires a short training and students can conveniently write their own manual G-Code, test their CAM posted outputs and visualize projects in record time. NCSimul can also be supplied with optional 4 and 5 axis CNC machines, which allows more possibilities to have students extend and improve their programming skills without fear of damaging expensive equipment.

    During this training, educators discovered how NCSIMUL can save them hours in reviewing student's codes and grading projects, and as a result, how it lends them more time for teaching. This is owing to NCSIMUL’s capacity to instantly show syntax erros, to simulate the machining in one click to immediately locate any collisions and machining mishaps, and compare the machined part to the original part and spot design errors. Educators can have students build their own machines, tools libraries, and create a variety of exercises for them that range from simple to complex that will foster innovation in the classroom.

    For more information on how your precision machining academic program can benefit from NCSIMUL’s power and user friendliness, please directly contact

See pictures of the training below: