Saturday, May 18, 2013

A great year for SPRING Technologies at eastec 2013

The SPRING team spent a very pleasant few days in the sunny Springfield, MA eastec event from May 14th - 16th 2013.

A lot of people stopped by and showed tremendous interest in the first presentation on NCSIMUL Machine V9.

Brian Basiliere - US Account Manager welcoming people to the booth and sharing his passion for the product.

People stopping by and checking out NCSIMUL Machine V9 demonstration

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paris Air Show 2013 : SPRING Technologies’ NCEXPERIENCE serving the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Discover the latest 2013 NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS features Hall 4 - Booth D-143

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of CNC machines, will exhibit this year again at the 5Oth Paris Air Show edition - Paris Le Bourget - from June 17 to 23. 

For many years now, SPRING Technologies collaborates with significant companies in the Aerospace and Defense sector, including AIRBUS, EUROCOPTER, ZODIAC, HISPANO SUIZA, DASSAULT AVIATION, MBDA, ASTRIUM etc. 

The company has gained their confidence thanks to its increasingly innovative and efficient solutions that address the key specificities of the sector. Its new NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio is the right example, supporting the end-to-end manufacturing processes for CNC machines through its smart solutions approach: integrated, smarter, and instrumented.


NCSIMUL Machine 9 : the realistic, immersive, high-performance NC simulation experience
SPRING Technologies, announced on January 24th 2013, its new generation of realistic machining and clamping (drilling, riveting) simulation module, NCSIMUL Machine 9. The company has demonstrated the advantages of the new machining simulation solution − mobility, ergonomics and performance − in the Windows 8 PRO environment.
Users will benefit from a high-performance NC simulation, more realistic and immersive, which integrates all machine, tool, and material parameters.
Moreover, thanks to its close partnership with Intel, NCSIMUL Machine 9 now implements algorithms that have been revised to make optimal use of multi-core processors and multithreading. Collision detection and material removal calculations are performed simultaneously, delivering up to x4 performance gains. 

NCSIMUL DNC : Complete NC programs lifecycle management & real time machine status monitoring
Part of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio, NCSIMUL DNC is seamlessly integrated with the other modules. The new module delivers complete management capability for NC machining programs with full traceability of events impacting a program’s lifecycle. The control of CNC machines by operators and is safe and easy.
Another benefit, NCSIMUL DNC allows returns machine status, in real time. This means that a machine’s status can be reported in real time (with details of output, failures, downtime, setups, etc.) to generate activity reports and more efficient production planning.
The 3D machining movie can be attached to NC programs hence ensuring maximum security for operations and CNC machines.

NCSIMUL Player : when NC programming becomes a fully immersive, collaborative and mobile experience
Easy to implement and use, NCSIMUL PLAYER 9 is the ideal companion to your solutions for machining simulation, DNC and machine status monitoring, and production documentation publication.
More than just a simple viewer, NCSIMUL Player offers not only NC operators but all stakeholders in the machining process a fully interactive, collaborative and mobile experience of the NC program linked to the machining simulation.
By associating the power of 3D with extended viewing functions (program scrolling, material removal, change of viewing angle…) users can:
-      Bring high-precision machining simulation data (cutting conditions, total/per tool machining time, etc.) to all stakeholders in the manufacturing process
-      Visually present your machining operations in a clear, easy form to customers, suppliers and operators
-      Cut costs and deadlines linked to modifications of your machining parameters

Monday, May 13, 2013

DTE and SPRING Technologies Announce the UK Launch of NCSIMUL Machine 9

Desktop Engineering, a leading engineering software solutions provider and strategic business partner of SPRING Technologies, today announced the commercial availability ofNCSIMUL Machine 9. SPRING Technologies latest version of NCSIMUL ushers in the “NCEXPERIENCE”, a milestone in machine simulation which will enable manufactures to achieve real-time synchronisation of their physical and virtual machining cycles. The new solution offers customers a more realistic, intuitive, integrated and hands-on NC simulation experience, with extended functionality dedicated to multitask and multi-axis machining centres.
Geoff Haines, managing director at DTE, said: “Within the manufacturing sector, there is a requirement for a more robust digital production process that is interactive and integrated. SPRING’s latest software release, fulfills this need and makes ‘smart machining’ a business reality.”
Overview benefits of NCSIMUL Machine 9 are:
  • Simplified ergonomics, for faster and more widely available NC machining
  • Enhanced user experience, quicker adoption and more robust interaction with the NC machine
  • Increased performance, equates to more productivity and faster ROI
  • New functionality, enabling generative, dynamic NC programming to become even more interactive
  • Tighter integration, for a leaner digital process (integrated tool libraries and cutting conditions and new CAM interfaces e.g. CATIA V6)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Desktop Engineering Editor’s Pick: Mobile Viewing into Machining Processes

Article by Anthony J. Lockwood from Desktop Engineering

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

This sounds like a really interesting one.

An outfit called SPRING Technologies has come out with what it calls NCSIMUL Machine 9. This is a toolset for simulating, optimizing, verifying, and reviewing your CNC machining processes. It interfaces with major CAD/CAM applications like CATIA, Creo, EdgeCAM, and Mastercam as well as ERP and MES systems.

SPRING Technologies describes NCSIMUL Machine as giving you an end-to-end CNC control solution. By that they mean you can integrate cutting tool libraries, debug NC code, optimize cutting conditions, and even produce documentation for the technicians and other stakeholders. Its simulations integrate your machines, tools, and material parameters. You can see and correct clashes and fine-tune motions, and error lists are generated for you. And since it does its work before problems arise at the machine, NCSIMUL Machine should help you develop better cutting strategies, compress cycle times, experience less breakage, and incur minimal scrap.

In other words, NCSIMUL Machine seems designed to maximize productivity and reduce those errors and mishaps that jack up expenses through wasted time, repairs, scrap, and rework. All good.

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Come visit us at eastec May 14-16th 2013

SPRING Technologies will present its NCSIMUL Solutions at eastec on May 14-16th. Please come and join us to see the latest products and how they save manufacturing companies time and money in simulating CNC complex machining. 


Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave
West Springfield, MA

Booth: 5517

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