Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boeing 787-9 project: at Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Suzhou, NCSIMUL Machine in collaboration with CATIA, optimized greatly the machining process efficiency of complex titanium parts

14 months since the start of the project, the Boing 787-9 has finally achieved a great millstone with optimizing the manufacturing of extremely complex titanium parts for the Boing 787-9 project. The parts where designed by Messier – Bugatti – Dowty (MBDT) and manufactured in Safran’s Suzhou factory.

CATIA was used for the design and CNC programming while NCSIMUL Machine was used for CNC machining program verification and optimization as well as technical documents edition to support CNC operators on their daily tasks. Now the machining and setup time are greatly reduced and the overall production process efficiency on the shop floor, dramatically improved.

The amazing technical team at SAFRAN Suzhou factory worked extremely hard to deliver the parts on time. Many more challenges await the team in 2013 but with great team effort and the right technologies anything is possible.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SPRING Technologies will hold the CUST 2013 at Aerospace museum, Le Bourget

The 5th edition of SPRING Technologies’ Users Club (CUST) will be placed under the triple sign of integration, connectivity and mobility

SPRING Technologies, vendor of dedicated NC solutions to enhance shop floor productivity, announces that its annual meeting of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS users, CUST 2013, will be held in Paris, Le Bourget at the aerospace museum, on November 7th 2013.

The agenda will include :

  • Welcome - by Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies 
  • Success stories presented by major groups and SMEs based on their experience of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio 
  • WYSIWYC live demonstration – product / features overview 
  • "Process and solutions" workshops: an opportunity to share ideas and tips for getting full value from the SPRING Technologies solutions 

"We launched our first CUST in 2008. We wanted to federate our customers and gives them the opportunity to exchange, once a year, their experiences regarding the complete NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio", says Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies.

Last year our Users Club took an international dimension, in line with the business strategy of the company. Our goal for the 2013 edition: demonstrate to our manufacturing experts that innovation and vision, at SPRING Technologies, is a reality.

Following the announcement of our "smart solutions" earlier this year, of which NCSIMUL Machine 9, NCSIMUL Player 9, NCSIMUL DNC, are the cornerstones, we announced the first step at the Paris Air Show, in terms of integration, connectivity and mobility, in partnership with FANUC and PANASONIC.

This year, all participants to CUST 2013 will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the second step; What You See is What You Cut (WYSIWYC). We have laid the foundations of the "smart" manufacturing, and we continue to develop the most advanced technologies to offer manufacturers the opportunity to make the most of their numerical control machine.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SPRING Technologies to present at ENACC PLM Conference - Smart Manufacturing: Transforming the way to interact with CNC Machines

Philippe Solignac (Spring Technologies Corporate Marketing Director) will be among an elite group of presenters in ENACC PLM Conference to be held on Oct 17th in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

Among the presenters are the key note speakers: Francis Bernard (Former CEO of Dassault Systemes) and Fabrice Renaudeau (Airbus Project Manager - PDM/CM information system and PLM development for A350 and A400M)

For a complete list of presenters click here

Key topic to be presented by SPRING executive:  Smart Manufacturing: Transforming the way to interact with CNC Machines

The presentation will show how SPRING Technologies’ users seamlessly integrate the creation of cutting tool libraries, optimized cutting conditions and NC program simulation, plus the ability to publish the manufacturing data needed by operators in the workshop, while monitoring CNC machine activity in real-time.

North American users will also be invited to attend a WYSIWIC® - What You See Is What You Cut – showcase. This is the latest NC breakthrough demonstrated at the mid-September EMO 2013 trade-show. This mobile cutting-edge technology, implemented on a fully-rugged professional tablet (Panasonic’s toughpad), provides real-time synchronization between the CNC simulation (G-Code based), the work instruction sheet - both provided by NCSIMUL Machine - and the NC program, running on a CNC machine (FANUC Robodrill 5-Axis machine).

NC operators can therefore automatically access work instruction sheets in the machining environment while the real machine operations are being displayed, eliminating the need to download documentation as a separate task and helping NC operators to gain confidence as they work.

Indeed, in most workshops, a shortage of computers close to the machines, and in such cases, hardware that is too often-obsolete prevent access to the state-of-the-art technologies that deliver the game-changing productivity gains. At best, workshop operators get to share a computer, forcing them to make endless round trips to attend their machine and lose valuable seconds worth thousands of dollars.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS 2013) starts with very high energy

The exciting Canadian Manufacturing Trade Show has started this Monday; lots of technical conferences will be conducted during the week. We are looking forward to demonstrate NCSIMUL Machine 9 and explain why it is the error-free G-codes solution for your CNC machines.

We are extremely excited and look forward to meeting you all.