Monday, August 31, 2015

Total Success of the event organized by SAEILO Thailand (NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS Reseller)

SAEILO organized an open house on Aug 21st 2015, at Sandvik Thailand Facilities. SAEILO Thailand demonstrated the latest generation of Sandvik tools using NCS Machine, within machining contexts thanks to virtual machine simulation capabilities.

SAEILO Thailand are experts when it comes to developing Post-Processors to convert CL-Data into G-Code data. They have also created many virtual machines in the process.

The attendance included small and large companies from top tire manufacturers.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

SOUTH-TEC 2015: Canadian Launch of NCSIMUL CAM Booth 1735

Enrich your CAM process with NCSIMUL CAM, 
the CNC programming breakthrough within the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS platform

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software that optimizes the use of NC Machines, announces the southeastern U.S. launch of NCSIMUL CAM at SOUTH-TEC – October 27 – 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina. SPRING is demonstrating its suite of software products in booth 1735. The company’s new product delivers agile and native CNC programming to streamline the current serial and iterative CAM process and provides unparalleled flexibility on the shop floor.

From Prototyping (sine machining process on a 4X machine) To Series (all machining processes on a Tombstone 4X machine)

Fully integrated in the new unified NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS V10 platform (including NCSIMUL MACHINE, NCSIMUL Tool, and NCSIMUL DNC), it embodies SPRING Technologies’ response to today’s issues in CNC machine programming: rethinking the traditional serial method of tool path creation, part/machine simulation, post-processing, , G-code verification and simulation that can generate errors. Today, the tedious investigative work as to where the errors occurred is placed in the hands of the NC programmer. By streamlining the conventional CNC programming process, and offering native CNC code (G-code) programming capability, NCSIMUL CAM not only eliminates errors while reducing programming time but enables CNC programmers to generate CNC programs made for the part as opposed to the traditional method of programming the part for the machine.

Thanks to “hybrid programming” unique capability, NCSIMUL CAM allows to work on existing G-Code based programs as well as CAM data inputs and enables CNC programmers to redesign a new manufacturing process in few clicks. Coupled with “on-the-fly” native CNC code generation capability, self-verifying and self-optimizing, NCSIMUL CAM allows to reprogram a new target CNC machine in one click, whatever the CNC machine complexity is.

According to the company, the primary benefits will be significant cost savings and optimal use of CNC machines because of the post-processing free and flexible programming capabilities. “With NCSIMUL CAM, manufacturing companies are now in position to build their own CAM 4.0 process, making their way to Industrie 4.0 level, slashing programming time and costs while boosting assets utilization like never before.,” said Philippe Solignac, corporate marketing director for SPRING Technologies. The product had its worldwide introduction at the Paris Air Show in June.

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SPRING Technologies to exhibit at Smart Industries 2015


Date: Sept. 15 - 17 2015

Location: Stand: D-11, Hall 2, Porte de Versailles, Paris

SPRING Technologies will present its latest NCSIMUL Solutions including NCSIMUL CAM, NCSIMUL Machine, NCSIMUL Tool, etc....

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SPRING Technologies just released a New Website:

SPRING Technologies has been working very hard to improve its user experience in accessing information on its website. Please take a look at the new interface and new environment as well as the new URL:

We are always aiming to meet and even exceed your expectations. Thanks to all our wonderful clients for giving us feedback.

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Feel free to visit us at:

Monday, August 10, 2015

CUST 2015 is coming to Germany Motorworld

SPRING Technologies Customer Day (CUST) is coming soon.

Date: September 24th 2015

Time: 8:30 - 17:00

Location: Böblingen Motorworld Germany (Stuttgart Region)

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For the first time ever, SPRING Technologies will have its famous CUST (Customer Day) in Germany at the Motorworld in Boblingen (Stuttgart) Germany.

SPRING Team will present the latest developments in NCSIMUL Solutions.One of the highlights of the event is the presentation on NCSIMUL CAM. One of the latest innovations of SPRING Technologies. 

For further information please contact Ms Susanne Diedrich  sdiedrich ( @ )

Sunday, August 2, 2015

With NCSIMUL Machine, It is easy explaining G-code to students

 Learning by Doing

“David, Education specialist rep., is demonstrating to one of the great teachers present at HTEC, Cal Poly.

With NCSIMUL Machine, It is easy explaining G-code to students. Learning by Doing.

#Cognisco, #HTEC, #Haas Automation, Inc.”

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