Friday, May 13, 2016

DID YOU KNOW, there are Advance Editing Features in NCSIMUL MACHINE you may not have heard of?

With NCSIMUL MACHINE, you can expedite the correction of your G-code errors in no time.

NCSIMUL MACHINE does so by providing an extensive list of advanced editing features that
 allow you to edit on the spot and see changes in real time- allowing you to execute programs that
are much more accurate and efficient.

For example, the MDI (Manual Data Input): A dynamic feature in NCSIMUL MACHINE that
 corrects codes on the fly and splices in G-code that has been missed, or incorrectly posted.

Our May 27th Webcast will demonstrate where to find, how to use the MDI and 3 other great features included in NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS. So please keep an eye out for that and make sure to register.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

SPRING Technologies Opens a new office in Malaysia

Dedicated to Sales and Technical support for the Southeast-Asia Region

SPRING Technologies, developer of NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS, an All-in-One CNC Programming software suite including its innovative module NCSIMUL CAM, has appointed Eddie Wong to manage SPRING Technologies Malaysia.

SPRING Malaysia is a newly formed company who officially started its operations this month. Based in Penang, Malaysia, it will be fully dedicated to marketing and supporting NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS in the Southeast-Asia region and countries giving a direct, fast and reliable service.
Eddie Wong, Manager of SPRING Malaysia, has a wide experience in selling and supporting leading edge CAD/CAM technology to the Industry.
His contribution to our NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS business on the Southeast-Asia Market will be significant to provide first-class support to all our customers and resellers building a mutual win-win relationship with the existing partners and the new ones.

Commenting on the opening of this Office, Eddie Wong says: "We are very proud and honored to have joined SPRING Technologies Team. With the full backing of the SPRING team to support the needs of the Southeast-Asia market, we are convinced that both NCSIMUL MACHINE and NCSIMUL CAM have a huge growth potential in our region.”

"Having new qualified members into our teams is the best long-term commitment SPRING Technologies can make. We are confident that SPRING Malaysia will make a very significant contribution to our NCSIMUL business in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam…” says Eric LEMAIRE, SPRING Technologies A.P.A General Manager. “They will concentrate on providing first-class support to our current and future resellers as well as end users in the area, while setting up a direct marketing presence on these markets.”

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

SPRING Technologies attends COE 2016, San Antonio Texas

SPRING proudly attended ‪#‎COE2016‬ in San Antonio, Texas to showcase NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and our newest award winning module, NCSIMUL CAM.

Capable of reading native CATIA files, NCSIMUL SOLUTUIONS offers a simple and easy way to integrate the two. Our software works to considerably reduce manufacturing costs, secure the shop floor, and improve the fluidity in the machining operations, making it the best CAM complement available.

Thanks to all who visited our booth!

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Great End to a Great Conference Industries Paris 2016

A Great Thank you to the entire team of SPRING Tech for sticking together the entire conference and being there for their current customers and future ones.

CEO Gilles Battier and Corporate Marketing Director Philippe Solignac in a pose to celebrate the great achievement of winning Industries Paris 2016 Innovation Award

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"A Big Picture Look at Simulation" Case Study with Utley's Inc and their use of NCSIMUL MACHINE, published by Modern Machine Shop

        SPRING Technologies is proud to be featured along side Utley's Co. Inc. (Queens, NY) in a new Case Study of this month's Modern Machine Shop publication.

        In "A Big Picture Look at Simulation",  CNC programmer Antonios Karoustos at Utley's says, “We’re making some pretty key investments in our CNC department to help us get our parts out to our customers as fast as possible,” Mr. Karoustos says. “We are planning to do a lot of work on the Okuma and will have NCSIMUL test any programs for the new machine, because it is very expensive and we want to avoid damaging it. We’re going to make sure that we run everything through NCSIMUL.”

INDUSTRIES PARIS 2016: NCSIMUL CAM Award Winner Solution | Digital Tools Category