Saturday, September 13, 2014

The GF Machining Solutions and NCSIMUL Machine Aerospace Seminar in Beijing was a total success

SPRING Technologies participated for the first time in an event with GF Machining Solutions on September the 11th in Beijing.

People who attended were totally engaged and mesmerized with the latest technologies.

For any questions on the seminar or any of the outcome, please feel free to contact:

Asia-Pacific Manager
Cell : (+86) 13439354276
Email : elemaire ( @ )

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SPRING Technologies partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

SPRING  Technologies,  vendor  of  software solutions  that  maximize  the  productivity  of  CNC  machine  tools, announces its partnership with Machining Cloud GmbH.  Through this new partnership, users of NCSIMUL Machine (CNC machining simulation) and NCSIMUL Tool (cutting-tool management) will have direct access to highly accurate cutting-tool data and product knowledge (3d models, cutting conditions, tool parameters) from the world’s leading cutting-tool manufacturers. “This partnership is a major step forward in our agenda to deliver the NCEXPERIENCE® vision, and a key enabler strengthening the competitiveness of our customers, on both short and long term,” says Philippe SOLIGNAC, Corporate Marketing Director, SPRING Technologies.

Through the Machining Cloud, the manufacturer's descriptive, usage and geometric information and application knowledge is always up-to-date and readily available from any location and, or device. “By utilizing cloud technology and industry standards for data - including ISO 13399, GTC, STEP and MTConnect – SPRING and the Machining Cloud will provide a smooth flow of data from the cutting-tool manufacturer to the customer’s shop floor as well as to CAM programmers,” says Michael Taesch, Cloud Evangelist for the Machining Cloud GmbH.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SPRING Technologies to showcase WYSIWYC® for the first time in the US at IMTS 2014

 IMTS 2014

In less than 4 days, SPRING Technologies, developer of software solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their CNC machines, is exhibiting in booth E-3267 at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), from September 8 – 13, 2014.

SPRING’s exhibit will highlight the latest features, benefits, and applications of company’s flagship simulation software, NCSIMUL Machine 9.2 and NCSIMUL Player 9.2. Specifically, with the growing adoption of remote and mobile software accessibility, SPRING will demonstrate its recently introduced mobile system called WYSIWYC® (What You See Is What You Cut)

To see how the system functions and the benefits that can be realized, visit IMTS 2014, booth E-3267.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Monday, September 1, 2014

SPRING Technologies announces version 9.2 of its NC machining simulation solution: NCSIMUL Machine

Increased machining process analysis and new functionalities for the composites module

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that maximize the productivity of NC machine tools, announces the release of NCSIMUL Machine 9.2, flagship of its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS portfolio. Pursuing its commitment to the development of the factory of the future, SPRING Technologies is enriching its solution with additional properties for its Composites module and enhancing its capabilities in terms of automation, ergonomics and, ultimately end-user productivity.

“NCSIMUL Machine is our flagship. We have been developing the solution for 17 years and we progress it with state-of-the-art technology, drawing on our expertise in industry applications, and addressing market needs”, explains Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies. “With Version 9.2, we bring our users the very best technology to automate tasks that deliver no added value, and secure the information, data exchange and tool paths ─ all of this in a 3D graphic environment. Each new version brings us a step closer to SMART INDUSTRY.”

With NCSIMUL Machine users can:

  • Control the global machining process;
  • Simulate, check, optimize and modify their machining programs;
  • Detect collisions;
  • Optimize cutting conditions;
  • Release a standardized technical content throughout the workshop.

“Version 9.2 is a major step forward in our product strategy”, adds Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director at SPRING Technologies.

“We are going forward step by step to bring our customers even higher levels of automation, security and mobility. This is precisely what the market is demanding and is our vision ─ what we call the NCEXPERIENCE®.”

The main new features of NCSIMUL Machine 9.2

  1. GREATER ANALYSIS: time graph, time-to-complete display
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aerospace Seminar in Beijing (September 11, 2014) - GF Machining Solutions / NCSIMUL Machine

SPRING Technologies will participate for the first time to an event with GF Machining Solutions and would like to invite you to join us on September the 11st in Beijing.

GF Processing Scheme 
Beijing Applied Technology Center 
( Beijing Shunyi District, Mapo -kun On Road )

Date and Time: September 11th 2014 - (9:00 am until 6:00 pm)

For more details please feel free to contact: 
Asia-Pacific Manager
Cell : (+86) 13439354276
Email : elemaire ( @ )

GF 加工方案(GF Machining Solutions)拥有半个多世纪的专业知识和关键的航
件 、机身框架组件、燃料输送系统、辅助动力装置(APU)部件、喷气发动机部件
和航空电子设备等的加工制造,到涡轮叶片修复和可追溯性解决方案, GF 加工方案
为了让您更深入了解我们在航空航天方面的优势和专业解决方案,2014 年9 月
11 日,我们将在北京应用技术中心举行“GF 加工方案航空航天行业开放日”。我们
GF 加工方案
2014 年8 月1 日

时间: 2014 年9 月11 日 星期四
地点: GF 加工方案北京应用技术中心 (北京顺义区马坡坤安路)
9:00 - 9:15 客户签到
9:15 - 9:30 致欢迎词
9:30 - 10:10 航空航天行业趋势和GF 加工方案的专业解决方案
10:10 - 10:50 叶轮叶片和叶盘类零件的专业加工方案
10:50 - 11:10 茶歇
11:10 - 11:50 高精密零件的专业加工方案
11:50 - 12:30 机床加工演示
12:30 - 13:30 午餐
13:30 - 14:00 高效5 轴加工中心在航空通用零件加工中的应用
14:00 - 14:30 数控加工仿真软件NCSIMUL MACHINE
14:30 - 15:00 高精密慢走丝线切割的高效率加工
15:00 - 15:20 茶歇
15:20 - 16:00 获得高表面质量和复杂轮廓的电火花成形工艺
16:00 - 16:30 专业的夹具和自动化方案助力精密高效加工
16:30 - 16:50 提问和回答
16:50 - 17:30 机床加工演示
18:00 晚宴
次日 观光(慕田峪长城)
请联系GF 加工方案华北销售公司
电子邮件:carrie.yang ( @ )

Monday, June 30, 2014

SPRING Technologies announces the new version of its cutting tools management solution : NCSIMUL Tool 2.5

Integrating the ISO13399 standard, NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 fits seamlessly into your global machining process from CAM through G-Code simulation to CNC Machine

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that maximize the productivity of CNC machine tools, announces version 2.5 of NCSIMUL Tool, its solution for the real-time management of cutting tool data and processes. With enriched user experience and performance, new integrated interfaces and support for the ISO13399 international standard, NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 embodies the SPRING Technologies philosophy, increasing security and productivity and getting the full value of your cutting tools. A new step forward on the path to SMART Industry!
"Our solution, NCSIMUL Tool, significantly shortens global machining cycle times", explains Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies. "Once again we are using our expertise to bring our users rock-solid certainty that their cutting tools are production-ready. NCSIMUL Tool 2.5 brings them solutions that are tailored to their needs."
NCSIMUL Tool in a nut shell :
  • Identifies the best available tool and optimal cutting conditions, taking into account machine, tool, and material characteristics and operator feedback
  • Manages, plans and prepares tool inventory in real time
  • Secures the best selection of physical tools via the library of existing tools
  • Virtual tools libraries directly accessible from main CAM systems thanks to NCSIMUL Tool/CAM interfaces
New features in NCSIMUL TOOL 2.5

Monday, June 16, 2014

SPRING Technologies is showing NCSIMUL Machine on mobile technology during PTC Live Global Event June 15 -18 2014

SPRING Technologies is showing NCSIMUL Machine on mobile technology during PTC Live Global Event June 15th through the 18th 2014 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

For direction to the place click here

Come see us at booth # 119.