Wednesday, June 17, 2015

NCS Machine: running 2 live demonstrations simultaneously of SPRING flaghship products

SPRING Technologies Team running 2 live demos with a crowd of spectators hovering around intrigued with the new way of thinking and doing manufacturing.

In the past the emphasis has always been on the part design and manufacturing is always an after-thought. Today with SPRING's new product NCSIMUL CAM, the emphasis has shifted. The focus is now on the manufacturing and on the CNC process / machine. 

To learn more about NCSIMUL CAM go to: 

Visit us at Booth E171 in Hall 2B at the  International Paris Air Show to see a live demo.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The International Paris Air Show 2015 just started

 Come and Join us in Booth E171 in Hall 2B, where the SPRING Technologies Team will be unveiling NCSIMUL CAM and much more.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NCSIMUL CAM: Streamline your CNC programming and make your shop floor more flexible than ever

Enrich your existing CAM process with NCSIMUL CAM, a new product within the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS platform

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software that optimizes the use of NC Machines, announces the worldwide launch of NCSIMUL CAM. This new product delivers agile CNC programming to streamline the current CAM process and provides unparalleled flexibility on the shop floor.

Fully integrated in the new unified NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS V10 platform (including NCSIMUL MACHINE, NCSIMUL TOOL, and NCSIMUL DNC), it embodies SPRING Technologies’ response to today’s issues in CNC machine programming: removing the typical organizational method of tool path generation (CAM), post-processing, G-code verification and simulation and streamlining the conventional CNC programming process.

According to the company, the primary benefits will be significant cost savings and optimal use of CNC machine because of the flexible programming capability. “This is a major new step forward for the company’s product strategy and in the manufacturing industry,” said Philippe Solignac, corporate marketing director for SPRING Technologies.

The company will demonstrate the new product at the Paris Air Show, stand E71, Hall 2B.

NCSIMUL CAM Product Overview

NCSIMUL CAM directly generates verified and optimized CNC programs, while factoring in the physical resources available on the shop floor, including tools, cutting conditions, kinematics and machine controllers.

With this new solution CAM data (APT neutral file / CL-data) and existing CNC programs can be used easily to generate a valid new CNC program in just a few clicks for another machine using different kinematics and controller. This will enable manufacturers to quickly adapt their existing programs to new resources when retrofitting a machine, buying a new one or when a machining process is repurposed. With a conventional CAM process (CAM-Post-Processor-Machining Simulation), this task could take hours, even days. With NCSIMUL CAM, these times are slashed to minutes.

Likewise, if the target machine initially planned for the CAM program is no longer available for maintenance reasons or is already being used to meet production, it will take just one click with NCSIMUL CAM to switch programming to another machine – whatever its complexity (3X to 5X, 5X to 4X…), the type of kinematics (tilting head to table-on-table for instance) or the type of controller (FANUC, Siemens, Heidenhain…).

Thanks to the integration of NCSIMUL Tool database, NCSIMUL CAM provides a direct access to 3D tool data and cutting conditions and automatically reconfigures the tool magazine.

This will provide manufacturers with the level of flexibility they need to achieve rapid switching of scheduled production from one CNC machine to another, making their production means fully flexible and agile.

5 key features of NCSIMUL CAM:

  •  “Hybrid” programming, taking the pain out of legacy re-use,
  •  Error-free programming in native NC code, for an all-in-one solution,
  •  No more external post-processor, streamlining the CAM process,
  •  One-click re-programming, for complete flexibility,
  •  Dynamic management of intermediary rough stocks for unrivalled programming comfort

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