Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Offline CNC program verification moves to the next level


Australian Manufacturing Technology issue November 2013 page 70 talks about how Australian Manufacturers will cope with an increasing challenging operating environment.

 G-zerofiveG-zerofive (NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS reseller) believes that investing in the right software presents an opportunity for Australian Manufacturers to get back to the front foot.

"With the introduction of the new NCSIMUL 9 and NCEXPERIENCE, we really think that all companies will benefit long term from investing in technology," says Andrew Scott, Director of G-zerofive.

One of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS is NC Player; Operators can use NC Player to view the verified 3D Simulation from tablet PCs (Picture to the right) at their machine, or connect to their controllers and at every program stop can follow procedures for measuring multiple part set-ups from generated sheets. This gives programmers and operators peace of mind by having the vital information available at their fingertips whenever they need it - in an entirely paperless environment.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

SPRING Technologies announces NCSIMUL DNC 8.20: connecting and monitoring your CNC machines is now so easy

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of NC machines, is launching the new version 8.20 of its NCSIMUL DNC solution, supporting CNC program life cycle management and real-time monitoring of machine status in the workshop.

“An integral part of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range, the NCSIMUL DNC module is the ideal addition, delivering complete control of the global machining process. From CAM to machined part, production resources are much easier to manage, with clear, one-click reporting”, explains Olivier Bellaton, Managing Director of SPRING Technologies.

  • An enhanced user experience for more efficient collaboration 
  • More automation to boost productivity 
  • Easier installation to enable rapid, efficient deployment 
  • Tighter integration for a leaner digital process 
In detail

1. ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE for greater productivity and faster execution

For customized reporting, using the quick and simple customization functions, you can create all kinds of reports to match specific corporate needs. The key performance indicators, defined in-house for each user profile (workshop manager, production manager, site manager, etc.), are easy to access and facilitate instant communication of key metrics to the whole workshop community.

In this way, you can select the periodicity for monitoring indicators, and the different types of indicators (opening time, required time, running time, net time, effective time, etc.) for each monitored machine. The data can then be consolidated in a PDF file or displayed in real time by the NCSIMUL DNC application from any supervisory workstation, offering global control of the workshop and contributing to the process of continuous improvement of the use of production resources.

Document traceability is available with one-click access. Access to histories and version traceability is more intuitive and directly available from the ISO program version management window.

Finally, NCSIMUL DNC, implemented on Toughpad (Panasonic’s rugged tablet), makes total mobility in the workshop a reality for operators and managers, via an interface and specific functions designed especially for use on a touch pad. The interface has been streamlined, the main buttons resized, enhancing access to functions and cutting out input errors, notably when qualifying machine status.

“After synchronizing real machining with machining simulation and making instruction sheets accessible from a Toughpad — a capability that we demonstrated at EMO — we are progressing the execution of our vision: the NCEXPERIENCE®, by taking the leading functions of NCSIMUL DNC and real-time machine status monitoring on to a mobile platform. A major step forward for all the stakeholders in the workshop, and notably for our customers who will be able to leverage the synergy offered by the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS range,” explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director, SPRING Technologies.

2. MORE AUTOMATION to boost productivity

When a program is imported, machine recognition and selection is fully automatic. This means that when a user wants to import a program associated with a machine, NCSIMUL DNC now suggests this machine by default.

The list of available programs is automatically updated, enabling operators to save invaluable seconds when a program is unloaded.

Finally, automatic comparison of machining files has been enhanced and is based on a CRC code (calculated according to file content). When an operator has to manually unload a program, the new calculation method considerably improves the reliability of machining file comparison during the unloading phase and instantly tells the user whether the unloaded program is identical to the previously loaded program, yielding an instant time-saving for operators.

3. EASIER INSTALLATION for faster deployment

Connection to the databases has been simplified, as has deployment via the install wizard. This enables a simple and rapid deployment of NCSIMUL DNC, configuration and testing of the connection to the database. There is no need for a specialist to install this new version of NCSIMUL DNC 8.20.

A library of standard report formats is supplied by default, with an editor that can be used to create customized reports. These templates automatically integrate a range of standard productivity metrics including the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the Overall Rate of Return (ORR), and the Economic Rate of Return (EIRR), enabling rapid generation of all reports required to monitor machine-tool production activity.

4. TIGHTER INTEGRATION for a leaner digital process

NCSIMUL DNC now comes natively integrated with standard market databases, such as Oracle, Access, SQL Server and Postgre sql. Whichever database you are using, native integration significantly reduces data access time and fits seamlessly into any policy to make data accessible for all external processing (reports, ERP interfaces, etc.).

NCSIMUL DNC is interfaced with Mazatrol (the proprietary language used on Mazak machines), enabling Mazatrol files to be imported from the Isotop software.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TRIAD Machine Tool Company is presenting NCSIMUL Machine this Thursday November 21st in Wheat Ridge Colorado


On Nov 21st, TRIAD Machine Tool Company will present NCSIMUL Machine in addition to rolling out MasterCAM x7. The NCSIMUL Machine demo will explain in details how NCSIMUL is a perfect fit for Mastercam and CNC machine users.

Triad Machine Tool’s new showroom
7885 W. 48th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Thursday November 21st,  from 10:00 am  - 6:00 pm
Please call to RSVP by Nov. 18th – Phone: 303.424.0268

10:00 – Overview of new products and features in MasterCAM X7
11:00 – Mill-Turn product
11:30 – 5 Axis Machine Simulation
12:00 – Lunch will be provided
1:00 – Probing with Renishaw Productivity Plus
2:00 – Dynamic Toolpaths
3:00 – Overview of new products and features in MasterCAM X7
4:00 – Mill-Turn Product
5:00 – 5 Axis Machine Simulation

Register to win a $100 Cabela’s gift card (Must register in person at the event to be eligible)

For information on Triad Machine Tool Company go to: http://www.triadmt.com/

For information on NCSIMUL Machine go to: http://www.NCSIMUL.com