Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Offline CNC program verification moves to the next level


Australian Manufacturing Technology issue November 2013 page 70 talks about how Australian Manufacturers will cope with an increasing challenging operating environment.

 G-zerofiveG-zerofive (NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS reseller) believes that investing in the right software presents an opportunity for Australian Manufacturers to get back to the front foot.

"With the introduction of the new NCSIMUL 9 and NCEXPERIENCE, we really think that all companies will benefit long term from investing in technology," says Andrew Scott, Director of G-zerofive.

One of the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS is NC Player; Operators can use NC Player to view the verified 3D Simulation from tablet PCs (Picture to the right) at their machine, or connect to their controllers and at every program stop can follow procedures for measuring multiple part set-ups from generated sheets. This gives programmers and operators peace of mind by having the vital information available at their fingertips whenever they need it - in an entirely paperless environment.

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