Monday, April 29, 2013

NCSIMUL Player 9: when NC programming becomes a fully immersive, collaborative and mobile experience

SPRING Technologies reinforces its NCEXPERIENCE 
with a collaborative and machining simulation viewer, on Windows 7 and 8 

SPRING Technologies, vendor of solutions that enhance the productivity of NC machines, is launching NCSIMUL Player 9, the new version of NCSIMUL Machine 9 viewer, the new generation of its flagship solution for realistic machining simulation.

NCSIMUL Player is a freely downloadable 3D viewer (free download here), enabling users to share their simulated 3D machining jobs quickly and easily. More than just a simple viewer, NCSIMUL Player offers not only NC operators but all stakeholders in the machining process a fully interactive, collaborative and mobile experience of the NC program linked to the machining simulation.


NCSIMUL Player allows users to analyze, manipulate, interact with and display their NC programs and machining simulations in real time, block by block or as an end result. The NC information is enriched and accessible via a set of functions that are either brand new or have been totally overhauled: simulation review, access to 3D functional dimensioning, measurement tool, enriched display (realistic renderings, interaction with the 3D geometry, tool path, rough stock, assembly, clamps, contextual zooms, sections) and an integrated screen capture tool.

By associating the power of 3D with extended viewing functions (program scrolling, material removal, change of viewing angle…) you can:

* Visually present your machining operations in a clear, easy form to customers, suppliers and operators

* Cut costs and deadlines linked to modifications of your machining parameters

* Bring high-precision machining simulation data (cutting conditions, total/per tool machining time, etc.) to all stakeholders in the manufacturing process

Easy to implement and use, NCSIMUL PLAYER is the ideal companion to your solutions for machining simulation (NCSIMUL Machine), DNC and machine status monitoring (NCSIMUL DNC), and production documentation publication (NCSIMUL Publisher and NCdoc, an NCSIMUL Machine module).


* Enhanced user EXPERIENCE, simplified ERGONOMICS, greater MOBILITY

NCSIMUL Player takes advantage of the advanced ergonomics of NCSIMUL Machine 9, fully compatible with a touch interface (intuitive, context-sensitive icons), facilitating manipulation in 3D space, and quick access to the range of functionality (measurement, functional dimensioning, simulation review, etc…) reducing the click count.

o Previewing via NCSIMUL Machine Hub:

The 3D movies are directly accessible via this “tile” application developed in the Windows 8 Pro environment: direct, single-click access to all NC simulation movies available on the network.

o Automatic generation of the 3D NC film in a single click from NCSIMUL Machine 9

ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE 32/64-bit backward compatible VIEWING

The viewing technology embodied in NCSIMUL Player is backward compatible and bidirectional compatible between 32 and 64 bit operating systems: the contents of a machining job generated by NCSIMUL Machine down to version 8.9.4 or the associated 3D movie can be displayed native on any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 8 and 7 OS.

COLLABORATION throughout the extended workshop

o NCSIMUL Player and its np3 format substantially enhance collaboration around NC data. The simulation data is naturally accessible to all other manufacturing processes. NC program information produced by the Process Planning department can now be accessed across the whole extended workshop by customers, suppliers, etc.

o The np3 format makes it possible to incorporate simulation data in technical documentation, instruction sheets, project review, etc. This ability to reuse NC information enlarges the regular machining simulation user community to programmers, operators, and workshop and project managers for all outsourced operations.


The completely overhauled wizard installs all functionalities easily in just a few clicks.

SECURITY – Protection of NC programming IP

Because programming is a unique knowhow, the encryption of the np3 files safeguards your programming knowhow in complete security.


Integrate your 3D machining movie into your production documentation via NCdoc, NCSIMUL Publisher or attach it to your NC program via NCSIMUL DNC to ensure maximum security for your operations.

NCSIMUL Player 9 keywords: NC Programming - Integrated – Ergonomic – Collaborative – Mobile – Performance – Speed

Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies sums up: “On January 24 2013 we announced that NCSIMUL Machine 9 would be the first building block in a whole new range of interactive, comprehensive, integrated and instrumented products. “Smart Machining” is under way, NCSIMUL Player 9 is the logical follow-up. We are determined to offer manufacturers everything they need to go all the way in the upcoming revolution: “Smart Factories‟ serving ‟Smart Industries“. We have all the assets we need to do just that: products, services, people, expertise, and customers”.

Download your NCSIMUL Player from:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NCSIMUL Player 9 available for download

NCSIMUL Player 9.0 is available for Free download.

Play back your NC Simulation from any computer anywhere....

Monday, April 8, 2013

NCSIMUL Machine 9, SPRING Technologies’ latest solution, offers "Touch'NC" simulation to the shopfloor

Get a realistic graphical representation of the machining process and other NCSIMUL outputs right at the machine tool

SPRING Technologies has announced that it is among the first NC simulation software developers to offer mobile functionality in its latest release, NCSIMUL Machine 9, running on Windows 8 Pro and INTEL certified. Now operators can access a realistic graphical representation of the machining process and other relevant data, in real time, right next to the machine. “In many cases it’s impossible to see what’s happening at the tool-workpiece interface,” says Silver Proisy, U.S. General Manager for SPRING. “The doors are closed and high-pressure coolant is splashing in the cabinet interior. With NCSIMUL 9, customers can head out onto the shop floor with their touch screen tablet PC equipped with Windows 8 and SPRING’s NC Player (NC simulation viewer), and access all of the program’s features including cutting tool libraries, current cutting conditions, simulation, other part programs, and all the relevant published documentation.” While the hardware and software capability is here and now, most customers have yet to fully embrace the concept. “We are front runners in this functionality,” said Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director. “It’s brand new. How and where it’s applied will evolve over time, but we anticipated the need, especially among our customers just entering the field that grew up with technology who will demand the ability to be on the move and not tied to an office PC. We believe it’s a work lifestyle on the verge of exploding.


SPRING is a Microsoft-certified “Gold” partner and an INTEL Software Partner. As such, NCSIMUL Machine 9 incorporates new ribbon technology navigation, enabling users to work more efficiently. Tasks are now accessed via tabs that break down into tasks and sub-tasks. The new interface has been specifically designed to work on touch screen devices to facilitate mobility. The intuitive and context-sensitive icons are presented as a rapid access bar, boosting programming productivity.

The "NCSIMUL Machine hub" apps enable users to browse any shared jobs available on the enterprise network or replay NC simulations with one-click. Flexible project-based management, tree organization, project/article/sub-article, jobs copied between projects, simplified search mechanism, job templates are among the new features in NCSIMUL Machine 9.

Also, the software makes full use of Intel’s multi-core processors and multithreading. Collision detection and material removal calculations are performed simultaneously. Algorithms have been revised and optimized to support ISO decoding, probing, material removal with tools in 3D, and optimized cutting conditions.

NCSIMUL Machine 9 also provides new interactive programming features that automate G-code generation from 3D motions or allow dynamic editing of the NC program to see the consequences in the 3D view. In addition, the newest 3D functional dimensioning module, particularly geared to sub-contractors enable users to add 3D graphics to workpieces and create a document describing the list of dimensions that need checking at each machining stage. This is a significant step forward towards a paperless factory.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

HISPANO-SUIZA, a subsidiary of the SAFRAN group, extends its use of NCSIMUL Machine

Hispano-Suiza Poland uses NC simulation to shave 10% off machining time 

Part of the SAFRAN group, Hispano-Suiza is a Tier 1 supplier of hi-tech equipment, specializing in power extraction and management. It serves the civil and military aeronautic markets by designing, developing and manufacturing products, and offers in-house services focusing on two areas:

  • Power transmission systems for airplane and helicopter engines 
  • Electrical equipment and systems, notably in the field of electronic power controllers for onboard electronic equipment 
The company operates three industrial sites, two near the French capital, Paris, and one in Poland, and has a workforce of 1,200.

Strongly committed to providing technologies and systems for “more electric” aircraft, Hispano-Suiza aims to become a world leader in the entire onboard electrical energy system.


The solutions developed by SPRING Technologies have been widely deployed across the SAFRAN group, ensuring seamless consistency in terms of exchanging information and integration.

For Hispano-Suiza in Poland, the human factor was essential in the choice of tools for the digitization of workshop processes. “To understand each other, you have to believe”, explains Norbert Quemerais, Representative & Coordinator in Poland – HSP Technical Advisor at Hispano-Suiza. “Our machining cycles on hard materials are long and our aim is to improve our operating value by machining as far downstream as possible, with JIT delivery to our customers. The balance is not easy to strike, but the ratio is important in a company’s organization.”

To factor in its needs and implement the NCSIMUL Machine and Optitool solutions, Hispano-Suiza Poland had to fully analyze its needs and technological and economic challenges. SPRING’s teams rose to these challenges on both the technological and human levels.


“We were looking for a 10% gain in machining time”, adds Norbert Quemerais. “This is very significant when you consider that, over a year, machine use amounts to hundreds of hours.” At Hispano-Suiza, NCSIMUL Machine has delivered an average gain of 10% and… “sometimes much more”, he confirms.

However, Quemerais feels that the biggest gain is to have succeeded in reassuring and convincing the production teams at Hispano-Suiza in Poland. A partnership that has to be built and maintained day after day.

The next step: beyond simulation to machining optimization

“The next step for us will be to go further in optimizing vibratory frequencies. We have started work on this area and intend to develop, with the continuing support of SPRING’s teams.”

Norbert Quemerais concludes “Striking a balance between machines and materials is sometimes complex and NCSIMUL Machine helps us manage this better. The 10% gain delivered by simulating our tool paths before machining is substantial. Gaining the trust of our production teams in the SPRING solution has been primordial. Today, Jozef Cisek, our user workshop manager, is completely convinced.”