Friday, December 23, 2011

SPRING Technologies wishes you Happy Holidays and a Great Happy New Year

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spring Technologies Users Group doubled its attendance this year (CUST 2011)

The Third Annual Edition of Spring Technologies Users Group (CUST 2011) that was hosted at Astrium and Airbus Facilities was a huge success.
  • More than 60 attendees networking with their peers came; Last year 35 people attended only.
  • There were on-site visits dedicated to the Ariane 5 Space Launcher and Airbus A380 assembly facilities.
  • Many customer testimonials were gathered providing feedback on the new and improved Digital WorkshopTM portfolio solutions.
  • Live demonstrations took place to show the latest functionality of NCSIMUL and TOOL EXPERT, dedicated to shop-floor tools management.
  • SPRING Technologies shared their vision of the future of the Digital WorkshopTM: trends, corporate strategy and R&D investment.
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SPRING participated in

SPRING Technologies participated with in a series of interviews and presentations

Please take a look at the 3 interviews / presentations on SPRING Technologies and its products presented by Olivier Bellaton (General Manager): 

Interview 1: The latest in CNC Manufacturing Simulation with NCSIMUL (Plus loin dans la simulation avec NC Simul Spring Technologies)

Topics addressed: How to go further with NCSIMUL from SPRING Technologies? How to improve productivity of machines-tools with the last version of NCSIMUL? New enhancements to share experience and knowledge with the simulation between CAD/CAM department and the shopfloor (NCSIMUL PLAYER, NCDOC, OPTITOOL).

Interview 2:  Conference on how to improve the productivity of machines-tools. (Comment améliorer la productivité de ses machines ?)
Some solutions with  Olivier Bellaton , General Manager from SPRING Technologies, G.B, Application Engineer from DELCAM, D.R Business Development Manager from ABB.

SPRING Technologies presentation