Sunday, May 12, 2013

Desktop Engineering Editor’s Pick: Mobile Viewing into Machining Processes

Article by Anthony J. Lockwood from Desktop Engineering

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

This sounds like a really interesting one.

An outfit called SPRING Technologies has come out with what it calls NCSIMUL Machine 9. This is a toolset for simulating, optimizing, verifying, and reviewing your CNC machining processes. It interfaces with major CAD/CAM applications like CATIA, Creo, EdgeCAM, and Mastercam as well as ERP and MES systems.

SPRING Technologies describes NCSIMUL Machine as giving you an end-to-end CNC control solution. By that they mean you can integrate cutting tool libraries, debug NC code, optimize cutting conditions, and even produce documentation for the technicians and other stakeholders. Its simulations integrate your machines, tools, and material parameters. You can see and correct clashes and fine-tune motions, and error lists are generated for you. And since it does its work before problems arise at the machine, NCSIMUL Machine should help you develop better cutting strategies, compress cycle times, experience less breakage, and incur minimal scrap.

In other words, NCSIMUL Machine seems designed to maximize productivity and reduce those errors and mishaps that jack up expenses through wasted time, repairs, scrap, and rework. All good.

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