Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Over the last 27 years SPRING Technologies has developed more than 1000 post-processors for all CAD/CAM software and NC controllers. Do you know any company that has done more?

SPRING TECHNOLOGIES has experience with all types of machine-tools including machining centers with more than 5 axes, turning centers, 4-axis EDM, and special machines. You name it: we have developed post-processors for NC controller brands including Mazak, Siemens, Fanuc, Deckler Maho, NUM, Heidenhain and Fidia.

Our services include :
  • The preparation of post-processor specifications based on NC machine-tools and customer demands. We can do this by telephone or by visiting you on-site
  • Development in SPRING Technologies offices
  • On-site delivery, installation and operator training
  • Where necessary, on-site correction of any errors observed during the warranty period. An optional maintenance contract includes access to our engineering Hot-Line
For more details on NCSIMUL POSTPRO click here

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