Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SPRING Technologies and EUROCOPTER a winning partnership

When Eurocopter agreed to transfer a proprietary application used in its industrial process to SPRING Technologies, it strengthened a partnership that now makes a vital contribution to its production and service quality.

“Our partnership with Eurocopter goes back to the end of the 1980s and perfectly illustrates the advantages that a major account can gain from trusting an innovative, high-performance SME to support its industrial product process”, says Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies since 1994. Rewind to 1988, four years before the helicopter division of the French Aérospatiale group merged with the German Daimler Chrysler Aerospace AG to form the Eurocopter group. At the time, SPRING (Société de Productique et de Recherche en Informatique Numérique et Graphique) was still a very young SME that was growing alongside the emergence of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing). Its core business was the development of custom software for major groups. Originally solicited by the automotive industry, SPRING diversified towards the aeronautical sector, when Eurocopter was looking for solutions to manage its technical documentation. “The FTA (automated technical data sheet) project, led by Marc Belluau and Jean-Luc Sturles, today at the head of Aérolia’s Méaulte site in northern France, was on the wish list for the company’s production and assembly lines. Its aim was to enable cross-corporate access to reference documents very precisely describing the sequence of actions performed by each operator.”

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