Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Microsoft TechDays’14: on the Intel booth, SPRING Technologies showcases WYSIWYC® solution

One third of the Intel booth is dedicated to the "industry" vertical, represented by SPRING Technologies. Visitors can view the mobile and synchronized CNC machining simulation solution, WYSIWYC, embedded on a tablet PC, "Toughpad" from Panasonic dedicated to CNC operators, as well as on the latest 2in1 devices from Toshiba and Sony, more dedicated to Manufacturing engineering Dept. stakeholders.

"First-ever live demonstration of NCSIMUL Machine on a full HD tough-screen table. "Rendering is impressive. Interacting with NCSIMUL Machine is so easy and very smooth. With this wide touch screen, realistic and immersive CNC machining simulation takes on its full meaning." Says P. SOLIGNAC, Corporate Marketing Director

"With this broad range of hardware solutions, we can definitely state that, in the next generation of factory - Shop floor 4.0 -, everybody will have continuous access to their most precious applications, especially CNC technologies supporting the end-to-end machining process. By bringing analysis and modelling capability to the heart of the machining environments, we transform the way to interact with CNC machines. It's a work lifestyle on the verge of exploding that will generate considerable savings." Says P. SOLIGNAC, Corporate Marketing Director

“By joining the Intel® Software Partner program we were able to make maximum use of the multi-core and multithreading capabilities of the Intel i5/i7 processors. These performance factors differentiate NCSIMUL Machine, our flagship machining simulation solution, from our rivals. By enabling simultaneous collision detection, material removal and machine axis path calculations, we deliver substantial time savings. Because our solutions are compatible with the Intel range – processors, mother board, etc. - we have been able to port our applications directly to the Panasonic Toughpad, taking 3D machining simulation mainstream, whereas formerly it was used only in process planning departments, transforming the interaction between operator and machine. We are very proud to have been invited to demonstrate this technological breakthrough in the manufacturing sector, illustrating the manufacturing theme that is the backbone of the Microsoft TechDays”, explains Philippe Solignac, Corporate Marketing Director at SPRING Technologies.


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