Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Microsoft tech.days PARIS : SPRING Technologies to demonstrate WYSIWYC in INTEL booth

Representing the Manufacturing vertical on Intel's booth, SPRING will demonstrate its 2-in-1 synchronized simulation solution dedicated to CNC operators and shop-floor managers.

 Microsoft tech.days 2014

SPRING Technologies will demonstrate its 2-in-1 solution - WYSIWYC during the Microsoft tech.days 2014, held in Paris, from Feb, 11 to 13. This solution focuses on enhancing the machining process by integrating major innovations both in software and material handling; bringing to all workshop stakeholders full mobility thanks to the Panasonic Toughpad. This solution is based on Microsoft Windows 8 PRO touch capability. The blend of SPRING Technologies innovation and the unique user's experience with Microsoft Windows 8 PRO transforms the way CNC operators interact with CNC Machines. This realistic 3D simulation of the machining process (machine axes in motion, machined parts), simultaneous access to work instructions sheets, all being synchronized with the execution of the real CNC program fully displayed on the Panasonic Toughpad anywhere and everywhere.

Corporate Marketing Director, Philippe SOLIGNAC explains: "We are very proud to demonstrate WYSIWYC on Intel booth during the Microsoft tech.days. Thanks to our Intel Software Partner Program, we could very effectively take advantage of multi-core and multi-threading capabilities of Intel i5/i7 processors, key performance factors that allow us to ensure the technological leadership of our 3D machining simulation solution, NCSIMUL Machine. Indeed, collision detection, material removal and motion axes computation are now done simultaneously, allowing very significant gains in computation time. The compatibility of our solutions with the Intel range of components - processors, motherboard, etc.. - has also enabled us to run our applications directly onto the Panasonic Toughpad using Intel technology. This will democratize the use of 3D machining simulation in the shopfloor, hitherto reserved to the Manufacturing engineering Dpt. till now".

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