Monday, October 17, 2011

Why ZF Group chose NCSIMUL over the competition

The ZF Group (SPRING Technologies Customer), one of the first fifteen global automotive suppliers, known for its components for power transmissions, has decided to unify its tools of machining simulation by choosing NCSIMUL from SPRING Technologies.

Their criteria for choosing NCSIMUL over the competition:

- The homogenization of machining simulation solutions ;
- The integration of this new solution in the existing Information Systems (various different according to the country: SAP, Oracle, etc.).
- The ease of use and learning of the software by all operators in different production sites, all equipped with NC machines from 5 to 7 axes;
- The interconnection with the various CAM solutions used by the production plants;
- The ability to use 3D objects and integrate them into the simulation, as well as geometry, tools, attachments, workpieces, etc.. ;
- The opportunity to work with different NC machines and controllers;
- The importance of simulating the process of actual operation of the NC machine tool in ISO code;
- The interconnection between the solution and the CNC programming simulation systems already in place.

For more information on why ZF chose NCSIMUL go to:

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