Sunday, October 16, 2011

MAP offers its customers 95-98% rate of service

Mécanique Aéronautique Pyrénéenne – MAP, is a company that specialises in precision engineering, providing services to leading aerospace players, OEMs and first-tier suppliers. MAP offers its customers expertise in a range of fields: machining for parts of all sizes, fine sheet metal work, boilermaking, assembly, and the design and production of tooling, notably punches, dies and moulds.

MAP installed SPRING’s “Digital Workshop” solutions, NCSIMUL and TOOL EXPERT, for machining simulation and cutting tool management. With this digital process in place, the ability to exchange information between departments enabled the company to optimise productivity and step up its rate of service to customers. MAP offers its customers a 95 - 98% rate of service, a record in its line of business.

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