Monday, June 27, 2016

Zoller Meets NCSIMUL MACHINE in Hartford, CT and Torrance, CA - June 21st & June 23rd

    The new interface between ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions and NCSIMUL MACHINE from SPRING Technologies enables you to transfer tool data from ZOLLER Tool Management into NCSIMUL MACHINE in a fast and process-reliable manner.

   We showed attendees to scan a tool with its real contours in a matter of seconds at the ZOLLER tool presetter and measuring machine. The scan is then available as 3D contour for NCSIMUL MACHINE. In this way, you are able to simulate and optimize your machine program based on real tool data.

  With this interface users can reduce positioning and machining time and increase tool and machine life — Check out pictures from the workshop that took place in Hartford, CT and Torrance, CA last week. Thank you to all those who participated! 

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