Sunday, October 18, 2015

SPRING Technologies announces the worldwide release of NCSIMUL CAM

NCSIMUL CAM, a new module for the NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS 10 platform, is now available on demand via the website

SPRING Technologies, vendor of software that optimizes the use of NC machines, announces the worldwide release of NCSIMUL CAM, the module that puts the finishing touch to existing CAM programs.

Based on CAM data inputs (CATIA®, NX®, CREO®, MASTERCAM®, and TOPSOLIDCAM®),
or existing NC programs (G-code format), NCSIMUL CAM directly generates verified and
optimized CNC programs without an external post-processor.

Ease of use and reliability were the watchwords in the development of NCSIMUL CAM, designed
to streamline digital processes across a wide range of industries including Aerospace,
Automotive/Transportation, Energy, and Medical instrumentation, where productivity and
competitiveness are at a premium.

With the unique new solution, businesses in these sectors have maximum flexibility when selecting machines for their workshops.

Six highlights of NCSIMUL CAM:

- No more external post-processors, for a simplified NC process;
- 1-click reprogramming, for complete flexibility;
- “Hybrid” programming, for easy reuse of existing NC Data (g-code or CL-data inputs);
- Programming in native NC code verified and optimized for an all-in-one solution;
- Unique data file, to enable production to be transferred more smoothly from site to site; and
- Dynamic management of intermediary rough stocks for unrivalled ease of programming.

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