Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cimquest announced its offical partnership with Spring Technologies for G Code Simulation

On October 7th, 2014 CIMQUEST announced its official partnership with Spring Technologies and its flagship product NCSIMUL on G-Code Simulation.  This took place at their biggest reseller event (Mastercam Roll-Out) in Northern Massachusetts.

Over 60 people attended from across New England. 

"In an opening speech CEO & President Rob Hassold spoke about the new goals and ways that CIMQUEST will go into the market focusing fully into Manufacturing solutions and Technologies. They could not be happier to work with Spring Technologiessince NCSIMUL is indeed the most powerful and advanced G-Code Simulator that is out there. NCSIMUL is a great fit for their manufacturing solutions and fulfills the solutions they are able to provide to their customers and future clients." Cedric Hasenfratz, Spring Technologies

On October 23 CIMQUEST is celebrating their additional location of their new Headquarters in Branchburg NJ. There will be another announcement and presentation of Spring Technologies and NCSIMUL. The team from Spring Technologies will have 20 minutes to present NCSIMUL and talk about this great partnership.

Expected audience will be over 300 customers. Spring Technologies will be having an exhibitor table throughout the Open House.

For further information about the upcoming event please contact Cedric Hasenfratz, Spring Technologies at  - chasenfratz ( @ )

CIMQUEST is one of the biggest Mastercam Resellers in North America. 

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