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SPRING Technologies extends its NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering with SICOM to optimize real-time maintenance

SICOM breaks down the barriers between the production and maintenance environments and predicts machine failures

SPRING Technologies, software solutions vendor for the production environment, has chosen the INDUSTRIE 2012 show in Paris to announce SICOM, its brand new solution for the real-time management and optimization of corrective maintenance processes in machining workshops. Nominated for the INDUSTRIE 2012 Innovation Trophies, SICOM is an exciting newcomer to the world of NC machine installation maintenance where it helps to optimize machine uptime. Its keywords are: instrumented, interconnected, intelligent, automated and predictive.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time Management and optimization of the processing of corrective maintenance
  • Anticipation of upcoming maintenance operations
  • Management of the life cycle of a maintenance request by workflow
  • Interconnectivity with all the corporate information systems
  • Reduction of downtime on NC machine tools
  • Improved operational efficiency through greater human and material resource availability

SICOM – Scalable and Interoperable Corrective Maintenance –

SICOM was developed as part of the SYS-MCO project, a SYSTEMATIC Competitiveness Cluster initiative led by SPRING Technologies in partnership with the engineering company GIMA, innovative SME and academics. The result of many months of R&D in operational maintenance, SICOM represents a significant step forward in this field, notably by supporting, integrating and analyzing heterogeneous data, and ensuring that complex equipment and infrastructures remain fully maintained and operational.

“We are in a classic example of the virtuous circle”, explains Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies. “A project led by a Competitiveness Cluster, based on an identified real-world case brought to the table by a manufacturer, GIMA, on which innovative businesses and academics have been able to work together with the common goal of finding a solution that can then be deployed across-the-board in sectors that have the same needs”.
Today SICOM fits seamlessly into SPRING’s strategy to improve productivity in the workshop by delivering technological solutions based on real needs in the field.

Key factors
The aim of SICOM is to predict, manage and optimize corrective maintenance processes.
  • A key role in this is the optimal assignment of maintenance requests by:
  • Life cycle management via an associated workflow, encapsulating the specific processes in the maintenance request
  • Interconnection with the company’s other information systems (ERP, CAPP, CMMS, etc.)
  • Instrumentation supported by technologies like the Kayentis pen, vital for reporting technical facts during the execution of maintenance requests, and sensors that monitor the machines in the production environment
These functions are all vital in collecting the data needed to finalize the maintenance request. This real-time capability enables the company using the machines to establish its priorities more accurately, send requests, schedule resources (human and machine tools) and thus gain in productivity and security.

To go even further in the optimization of corrective maintenance processes, SICOM has intelligent real time modules that offer help in failure diagnostics and predictive surveillance of the production equipment.

SICOM’s multilayer cloud architecture and interoperability with other corporate IT via Web services, heightens its interconnection capability. This makes the solution accessible from any terminal in the extended enterprise and enables it to adapt to variations in the production context.

By way of conclusion, SICOM, the new solution that is now part of SPRING’s global NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offering enables:
  • Greater machine uptime;
  • More reliable production equipment;
  • Significantly improved safety in the workshop;
  • Substantial cost savings related to stoppages and maintenance operations.
We invite you to discover SICOM in more detail on the SPRING Technologies booth, 5N57, at the Industrie 2012 show.

About SPRING Technologies
With over 30 years’ industrial experience in the field of manufacturing, SPRING Technologies has gained worldwide recognition as a software vendor for the production environment with its global offer NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS and as a PLM integration services provider regarding the leading solutions on the PLM market.

NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS offer is modular and proposes solutions for machining simulation and optimization, cutting tool management, cutting conditions Optimization, process documentation management.

The company is today one of France’s leading integrators of PLM solutions, notably in mechanical CAD/CAM, and offers services in consulting, assistance, development and training. SPRING Technologies has built solutions around market-leading software from PTC, Dassault Syst√®mes, Siemens PLM and SAP, integrated in a collaborative working environment.

SPRING Technologies, founded in 1983, has a workforce of 100+, and offices in Paris, Geneva, Toulouse, Frankfurt, Munich, Beijing and Boston. For more information, visit
Press Contact:

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